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Energy Edge Announces "Africa Initiative"


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NEW YORK, June 25, 2012 /PR Newswire/ --  Dr. Benjamin Chavis, newly appointed Spokesperson of Energy Edge Technologies Corp (OTC: EEDG), has just released the following statement:

'All of us at Energy Edge have been extremely concerned about the worldwide drinkable water crisis and over the last few weeks we have begun to take definitive steps to develop and offer a sustainable solution. This past week I have personally contacted several of my colleagues at the United Nations, as well as key decision makers from many of the African and Caribbean countries that I work with. My goal was to see if together we can try to immediately relieve some of the intense suffering that millions of people are enduring due to a lack of access to clean water and a lack of traditional power sources to help generate new supplies of this most precious natural resource. I am happy to report that the answer from everyone I contacted was a resounding, 'YES.'

Energy Edge Technologies currently has a strong working relationship with Drinkable Air, a leading atmospheric water generation company, and we'll be looking to utilize and expand that relationship to help us in this process. We have also reached out to several other major companies in the water and solar power industries to help put together a comprehensive plan of action that can be implemented expeditiously and effectively. Again, I am extremely gratified that everyone contacted has been more than willing to join our mission and lend their support and expertise any way they can.

I believe Energy Edge has now put together a strong foundation for responsive action and a basis for moving forward as swiftly and boldly as we can. It's apparent to me that many of the well-funded organizations set up to respond to humanitarian crises around the world will spare no expense towards our efforts if presented with a strategic plan of action, complete with well-tested equipment and provable results. I believe that in the next 30-60 days all necessary pieces will be in place to start putting our plan and proven technologies to work, and for all of us to begin to make a substantive difference by supplying immediate access to environmentally safe, potable water to the people that need it the most.' www.energyEEDG.com

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