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“Energy Film launches new Web-Site”


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Energy Film in Portland, OR has launched a new web-site as of March 1, 2010. The new site showcases information about Energy Film, its performance characteristics, frequently asked questions, application instructions, and blogs.

Energy Film is a thin layer of film applied to your windows increases the performance of your windows at a significantly lower cost of window replacement. It reduces solar heat gain in summer and retains heat in winter.

It is an ideal solution to reducing heating and cooling costs, balancing interior room temperature, and easing the strain on HVAC systems.

Energy Film has strong UV reducing characteristics that significantly reduce fading by blocking 97%-98% of UV radiation and in that regard has been touted some who look for a descriptive term for describing our product as: “sun tan lotion windows.”

It is offered in two hues: one transparent and the other tinted. The product comes in various sizes and one can purchase rolls of: 2’x4’, 3’x4’, 4’x7’ or 4’x 100’ rolls.

It is easy to install, requires no adhesives, and is the most cost-effective non-mirrored self-adhering product on the market.

For more product information go to and for product purchases go to For more information contact J.W. Matt Hennessee at 503-546-3275 or by e-mail:

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