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enitial chooses TDL-500 for emissions monitoring


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As one of the UK's leading independent providers of emission and pollution monitoring, control and management services, enitial required a portable methane detector that would be efficient at recording and storing very detailed data. Following an increasing demand for emissions mapping surveys to be carried out from their customers, particularly those concerned with the anticipated change to Environment Agency guidance on surface emissions surveys, enitial identified that the TDL-500 would be best suited to their needs.

enitial is currently using the TDL-500 to measure methane concentrations from the surface on a 5m to 10m grid, recording data at 3 to 4 second intervals. The TDL-500's data logging capabilities combined with Geotech's software, which can provide up to 1,200 surface readings per hour, has allowed for a far greater level of detail in enitial's emissions mapping surveys. Furthermore, the ATEX certified TDL-500 has allowed enitial to survey sensitive landfill areas where previously expensive hired equipment would have been required.

Having used the TDL-500 for a number of months, John Freestone from enitial commented 'I am impressed by the accuracy and data collection rates of the TDL-500 and Geotech software package. I particularly like the ability to upload ESRI Shape Files to Geotech's software as these can then be used to navigate on site and track the survey route; reducing the need for any paperwork or drawings on site, just a TDL-500 and PDA are required'.

Using laser spectroscopy technology, the TDL-500 is a high performance methane detector offering total selectivity to methane and sensitivity of 1ppm. The instrument offers ATEX certification and makes it possible to detect methane leaks and determine their location with precision. An enidata PDA is used with the TDL-500 to provide a continuous log of GPS coordinates and methane analysis, ideal for emissions mapping.

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