ENMET Featured Products: Carbon Monoxide Monitor and Air Filtration System


Source: ENMET, LLC

ENMET’s Air Filtration Panels and Carbon Monoxide Compressed Airline Monitors are designed to comply with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.134 requirements for Grade D breathing air. Typically, our systems are mounted directly on the wall or a mounting plate. In certain applications, customers have requested more protection for instruments that need to be installed in poor ambient air conditions such as environments that may contain large amounts of dust, sand blasting material, particulates, hazardous liquids, gas vapors, overspray and corrosive materials.

At ENMET, we have collaborated with our customers to design systems that will protect our products by mounting them in stainless steel, aluminum or fiberglass enclosures. These enclosures deflect and protect ENMET breathing air equipment from hazardous environments providing continuous long life operation. The enclosure can include a lock, keeping unauthorized personnel from tampering with the devices. Connection ports are plumbed on the outside of the enclosure for easy access. ENMET’s CO monitors include service relays that can be programmed to activate auxiliary equipment, such as a strobe light and horn attached to the outside of the enclosure. These provide audible and visual alarms to alert users in the work area when a hazardous breathing air condition exists. ENMET offers a complete line of Compressed Airline Monitors for monitoring Carbon Monoxide, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Dew Point and Total Hydrocarbon for complying with Grade D breathing air requirements. 

These types of systems are ENMET's Creative Gas Detection Solutions at work.  Contact our ENMET Sales Team today and let us design a system that fits your needs.

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