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Enviro Technology moves into gas detection tubes


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Air quality monitoring specialists, Enviro Technology, have moved into the portable gas detection equipment market for the first time with the launch of the Kitagawa Gas Detector Tube System.

The Kitagawa Gas Detector Tube System is a complete sampling and analysis system for detecting hazardous gases and vapours on the spot and is used by industries worldwide to protect personnel, residents and help safeguard the environment.

The system consists of a pump and glass detector tubes filled with an absorbent material and chemical reagent which, in the presence of the target gas, produces a coloured stain along the tube. A calibration scale is printed on the tube to enable the user to easily match the length of the colour stain to the concentration of the gas present.

Enviro Technology’s Sales and Marketing Director Duncan Mounsor said: “In gas detection, portability and fast response are essential. Measurements must often be taken in difficult conditions, such as up ladders, in shafts or in areas where breathing protection is required. The Kitagawa system is easy to operate with a single pump action, providing a direct reading of the gas concentration, enabling fast and reliable measurements in locations that are difficult to access.

“Extra apparatus available for the pump provides users with access to remote testing in confined spaces and, as no electricity is required to operate the system, there is no added risk of explosion.

“With over 300 Kitagawa gas detector tubes available, we can arm organisations with the ability to measure every gas under the sun from Ammonia to Xylene.”

Ideal for use as personal detectors or as monitors for post-event surveying, the Kitagawa system is designed for single-handed operation, even while wearing gloves and is straightforward to use.

The Kitagawa system is multi-functional and can be used for measuring dissolved substances in solutions, compressed breathing air testing and even blood screening in criminal investigations.

Later this year, Enviro Technology will be launching an on-line ordering system for the Kitagawa Gas Detection Tube System and the gas detector tubes.

To find out more about the system, please call Enviro Technology on +44 (0)1453 733200 or email sales@et.co.uk

To learn more about Enviro Technology, please visit: www.et.co.uk.

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