Enviro Technology Responds to Growing Demand for Intelligent Black Carbon Monitoring Instrumentation


Source: Enviro Technology Services Ltd

Untitled Document In a direct response to demand from organisations across the UK, Enviro Technology Services, the leading UK supplier of environmental monitoring instrumentation and systems, has launched the Magee Aethalometer - an instrument that provides a real time readout of the concentration of black carbon aerosol particles.

The Magee Aethalometer is a self-contained, automatic instrument that can be fitted into any air quality monitoring (AQM) instrumentation rack. It requires no consumable materials, no special gas cylinders and - most importantly - no operator attention. A simple calibration once a year is sufficient to ensure the smooth running of instruments.

“We launched this new instrument due to direct demand from our customers and the scientific community,” says Enviro Technology’s Operations Director Duncan Mounsor. “Although in the UK we measure particulates as a matter of course, there is a growing interest within the scientific community as to the dangers of specific black carbon particulates in the air.

“Less than five per cent of UK AQM stations are measuring black carbon particulates yet, in August 2004, in its draft report for consultation on particulate matter, the Air Quality Expert Group (AQEG) recommended to the Government the expansion of black carbon monitoring stations nationwide. We have responded to this recommendation, and anticipated demand, with the introduction of the Magee Aethalometer to our extensive range of AQM instrumentation.”

The Aethalometer works by drawing a sample through its ‘aerosol inlet’ port using a small pump installed internally. The flow rate is monitored by an internal mass flow meter and is stabilized electronically to the value entered in software. The analysis gives one new reading every timebase period. The user can set the timebase period to reflect how rapidly they want the data. Measurements can be performed as rapidly as one per second.

“This new instrument will be important to universities and research institutes that want to carry out long-term studies of the effects of black carbon, as well as local authorities and industries that have an issue with black carbon emissions,” Duncan added.

Enviro Technology has integrated the Magee Aethalomter into its own AQ enclosure at its Gloucestershire headquarters. Black carbon emissions are being analysed in real time and fed through to Enviro Technology’s www.airqualitydata.com website.

For further information, call Duncan Mounsor on 01453 733232 or email us

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