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Enviro Technology showcases the importance of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitoring


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Enviro Technology Services Plc, which is a world class supplier and UK exporter specialising in environmental monitoring instrumentation for air quality monitoring and industrial emissions applications is adding to its services by offering indoor air quality monitoring.

The company is the sole UK distributor for the leading indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring products DirectSense® from GrayWolf.

The DirectSense® monitors are state-of-the-art and allow the user to undertake IAQ surveys with ease and comfort. The monitors come in two parts, a probe and pocket PC. The probe is designed to be used for walk through surveys and or can be supplied with a tripod and left in-situ for longer term monitoring which will look at trends in IAQ.

The pocket PC generates the survey information at the touch of a button and can connect to a computer, laptop or notebook using XP/Vista/WIN7. However, the kit can also be supplied without the pocket PC, but with software suitable for use with a customer’s own laptop.

Jamie McNee, Sales Engineer at Enviro Technology, said: “We really believe that the technology from Graywolf is a lot more advanced than the current IAQ monitoring equipment that is available and we are looking forward to demonstrating it to more and more customers.

Although the UK has been carrying out IAQ monitoring in offices for many years other places such as schools, universities and public places seem to unaware that poor IAQ levels can have health implications despite these being well documented. We believe there is a great market for IAQ and know that DirectSense® delivers the right option for proactive IAQ management.”

The key features of the monitors are as follows:

  • Simultaneous measurement of up to five (5) key IAQ indicators; VOCs, CO2 (dilution ventilation), CO, %RH, °C/°F in one probe
  • Manual “snapshot” or automatic “trend” datalogging available
  • Store enhanced survey information on-site; data and text, drawings, audio notes, photos etc
  • Allows logged data to be down-loaded to WolfSense® PC software for analysis
  • Optional “Advanced Report Generator: IAQ Edition” software makes comprehensive IAQ report generation easy and efficient
  • Minimum training required; if you know Windows, you know how to navigate WolfSense®
  • Easily customize/optimize the user interface for your specific application
  • IAQ educational materials, IAQ & sensor tips, government & industry guidelines, health effects, typical background levels and more

Customers can also hire as well as purchase the equipment from Enviro Technology and it will also recommend companies that will carry out IAQ surveys for them using the Graywolf product.

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