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Envirogen and Shikun & Binui Water Enter Venture to Develop Environmental Solutions in Israel


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Specialized Envirogen Technology Will Form Centerpiece of Drinking Water, Wastewater and Groundwater Treatment in Industrial and Municipal Projects

KINGWOOD, Texas, July 25, 2012 /PR Newswire/ --  Envirogen Technologies, Inc. (Envirogen) announced today that it has formed a venture with Israel-based Shikun & Binui Water to market and deploy its environmental technology on a lifecycle performance basis in Israel. Shikun & Binui has received exclusive rights to market portions of Envirogen's technology portfolio, including its bioreactors and biofilters, in Israel. The two companies will work together to develop projects in both industrial and municipal markets for drinking water treatment, groundwater treatment and remediation, wastewater treatment, industrial process improvement and vapor phase (air) treatment applications. Envirogen will support Shikun & Binui Water with process engineering and design, as well as fabricating systems for use in Israel. It is expected that Envirogen technology will form the differentiating core of broader projects undertaken by Shikun & Binui Water -- Israel's largest private drinking water supplier and active in both the industrial and odor control markets. The two companies plan to deploy this technology on a 'lifecycle performance' basis in which guarantees are provided for system performance, long-term costs and system life.

According to Mike Stark, President & CEO of Envirogen Technologies, Envirogen and Shikun & Binui Water are a good fit from both market experience and business model standpoints. 'We are very pleased to be working with Shikun & Binui Water to develop the market for our technology and for best-cost environmental and process solutions in the nation of Israel. Envirogen and Shikun & Binui Water share the philosophy that value is best delivered in these types of projects when best-in-class technology is combined with a long-term operations approach that focuses on guaranteed performance and guaranteed costs over the lifetime of an installation. Shikun & Binui has the experience, the reputation, the size and financial strength to position our technology in both very large and very targeted projects in a wide range of applications,' he said.

Cutting-edge technology platforms

In developing environmental and process solutions for their customers, Envirogen employs a distinctive range of high-performing technologies that are often 'best-in-class' in the applications in which they are used. These include one of the industry's leading sustainable, biological treatment portfolios as well as ion exchange and physical-chemical systems with broad-spectrum applicability and high performance based on expertise with adsorptive and other media.

According to Orry Ben-Porath, Managing Director of Shikun & Binui Water, these technologies and Envirogen's ability to provide guarantees for performance and costs brought the two companies together. 'Like Shikun & Binui Water, Envirogen strives to deliver solutions to customer needs based on long-term relationships. We look at technologies like their Fluidized Bed Reactor and biofilters for both air and water applications as sustainable solutions that offer a lowest-total-cost for our customers. Envirogen's process development team has experience in tailoring high performance ion exchange solutions to a broad range of contaminant clean-up situations. And the scalability of these solutions -- from very small to very large projects, while still having a small overall facility footprint -- is also attractive to us. We look forward to bringing this technology, with Envirogen's support, to industrial and municipal projects in Israel,' he said. For more information, visit http://www.envirogen.com.

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