EnviroInsite Development News - July 2017


Source: EI LLC

ArcGIS Online Services

EarthSoft's status as an ESRI Business Parnter and their posession of an ArcGIS online subscription allows us to provide EnviroInsite users with access to three sets of online global maps served by ESRI.  EnviroInsite users may now display topo maps, street maps and aerial images from this online source.  The cost -- nothing!!

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This is a work in progress, but it's looking very promising.  Click here to see the EI-generated map delivered as a form inside EQuIS Pro.

Details on pricing, licensing, and the development plan are being formulated.  Stay tuned for more information.

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New Map Projection

Geographer-purists hate it, but the web mercator (aka spherical mercator) projection used by Google Maps -- and now also supported by EnviroInsite -- has become something of a defacto standard for online maps.  One reason is its ease-of-use, since it does not require specification of a geographic zone like some other projections.  Learn more whats to like and not like about it at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_Mercator.  

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Optimizing Label Placement

One of the great features of EnviroInsite is the ability to drag around labels to eliminate overlaps and yet it's nice if the computer can do 90% of that and relieve you of the tedium.  We've been working on the genetic-optimization routine that allow hands-off optimization of well label placement and have achieved some great results.  Part of this was achieved by checking for crossed links as part of the label optimization.

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Select Coordinates before you Connect

Life was simple when EnviroInsite supported only the local projection, but with more power comes additional responsibility.  If your locations are in geographic coordinates (that is latitude and longitude) then you'll make your life easier if you select your coordinate system (either UTM, State Plane, OSGB36, or Spherical Mercator) before connecting to your database.  Once you connect, EI will automatically assign the zones needed to support both UTM and State Plane.

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Lower San Mateo Creek Basin 

The New Mexico Environment Department's Superfund Oversight Section utilized EnviroInsite as part of their investigation of reassessment of the Lower San Mateo Creek Basin Site in Cibola & McKinley Counties (NMENV, 2016).  The study objectives were to evaluate current water quality, compare water quality to federal standards and expand the understanding of geochemistry conditions.  These efforts were in support of ongoing investigations of potential legacy uranium sites in the basin.

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