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November 17, 2005—Government, scientific and public interest in assessing the health and well being of our eco-systems and their component parts continues. Along with this interest is an increasing understanding of importance of using environmental bioindicators, i.e. bioidindicators and biomarkers to directly measure the effects of environmental exposures from contaminants and other disturbances on ecological and human populations. As a result, there is a need for sharing information of these cross discipline tools and their application in understanding multi-level changes to human and ecological systems.

TFI Learning and the Environmental Bioindicators journal, recognize these growing issues. The upcoming 14th International Conference on Environmental Bioindicators and the 2nd Annual Meeting of The International Society for Environmental Bioindicators (ISEBI), 23-26 April 2006 in Linthicum, Maryland, will bring together academics, federal, state and commercial researchers and other professionals involved with applications of bioindicators in measuring the effects of contaminants and human disturbance of the environment.

This conference will include discussion of bioindicators from all levels of biological organization, including: genes, molecules, and individual organisms, wildlife and human populations, as well as indicators of large-scale and long-term change at ecosystem and landscape levels.

With expert keynotes, Anne Fairbrother, Chief, Risk Characterization Branch, Western Ecology Division, US EPA, The H. John Heinz III Center for Science, Economics and the Environment, Dr. Osmo Hänninen, University of Kuopio, Department of Physiology, Kuopio, Finland, and Dr. Peter Preuss, Director, National Center for Environmental Research, as well as an innovative and interactive program, this reputable event will provide outstanding value to professionals the field.

The prominent roundtable discussions are a distinguishing feature of the annual ISEBI meetings. The discussions are led by subject experts, designed to generate focused debate around key topic areas. This year's roundtables include mercury bioindicators, ecosystem-level indicator, coral reefs, and regulatory and policy uses of bioindicators.

To promote the development and application of bioindicators and biomarkers of environmental health an international non-profit professional society has been formed, the International Society of Environmental Bioindicators (ISEBI). It seeks to explore the scientific bases and encourage the use of environmental bioindicators, i.e. bioindicators and biomarkers, as they relate to specific measurable effects in ecological and human populations from environmental exposures. The up-coming conference will be an opportunity for society members to meet, share information and to expand its membership and activities.

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