Environmental Health and Safety Task Manager version 3.0 released!


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The easiest and most affordable Environmental Management System (EMIS) on the market

September 29, 2011 Indianapolis, IN -- M3V Data Management is pleased to announce the release of their web based software application EH&S Task Manager, version 3.0.  Not only is the new version built on a fast new platform, many features have been added making it the most affordable and easiest to use Environmental Management System on the market.

Version 3.0 incorporates a new technology platform that’s unmatched in the industry.  This allows for a very user friendly interface that loads quickly and gives additional control to the user.  Unlike other companies offering Environmental Management Systems that simply replace an Excel spreadsheet or an e-mail calendar, EH&S Task Manager incorporates escalation features for tasks and requirements that are approaching a deadline and have not been completed.

According to M3V Data Management Vice President, Ross Olsby, “This new version is designed to be as subtle or as intrusive as your company desires.  For example, we have clients that set up daily reminders for tasks such as opacity readings or pressure drop readings.  If it is 2:00 in the afternoon and an opacity reading has not been completed, the system will automatically send out escalated e-mail reminders to selected recipients.  If it is then 4:00 and the task still has not been completed, additional escalated e-mails may be set to go out and include additional recipients.  However if a user changes the status to “completed”, all of the escalated e-mail reminders are automatically canceled”. 

Other Environmental Management Systems are more complicated and costly in comparison.  From the initial launch of EH&S Task Manager nine years ago the goal has always remained the same…..keep it user friendly, simple and easy to use.  Typical tasks that clients use the software for include RFP’s for consultants, SWPPP and SPCC requirements, permit renewal dates, safety training classes, software license expiration monitoring, ISO 14001 compliance deadlines, succession planning and much more.  Users may utilize the software just for themselves, or they may assign tasks to others.

EH&S Task Manager also allows clients to upload important files such as permits, spreadsheets and other documents into the system and associate them with tasks and requirements.  This way, they have access to these important files from any computer with internet access.  You may also associate websites with tasks for easy reference.  Clients are able to define permission levels according to their needs and give their users access only to the information they designate.  A 30-day free trial period is available, and every software license issued comes with free and unlimited training and technical support. 

M3V Data Management is a software development firm staffed by Ph.D’s, P.E.’s, CHMMs and scientists who all came from a regulatory or industrial EH&S background and have been servicing the needs of the EH&S community since 2002.  For more information about EH&S Task Manager 3.0 or other software applications such as MSDS Explorer and Chemical Management Navigator, please go to www.M3Vsoftware.com or contact M3V Data Management at 866-388-4815.


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