Environnement S.A has launched 8 new products at Pollutec


Source: ENVEA

1. Air quality: ecodesign, operational cost reduction & best metrology, now for sales

Leading player in the environmental monitoring, Environnement S.A has launched a new generation of eco-designed analyzers. Dedicated to the measurement of pollutants such as O3, CO and SO2 the e-Series analyzers O342e, CO12e and AF22e are QAL1 certified by the German TÜV and approved by the US EPA. A fourth one, the AC32e for NO, NO2 & NOx will follow shortly.

Extremely compact, robust and lightweight recyclable at over 95%, the e-Series analyzers benefit from highly reduced power consumption (less than 80% compared to other existing analyzer) and very low carbon footprint (up to 82% less than other criteria pollution monitor on the market). Each analyzer is self-monitored continuously for performance and fault control: it detects early signs of trouble, identifies the service needs and even guides the service operations step by step thus increasing productivity on site, reducing downtime and training needs. Encapsulated in a special foam, their measurement modules benefit from unique thermal and electrical insulation for greater precision, robustness, ease of use and maintenance. The on-board wireless secured high-speed Wi-Fi connection allows the easiest remote access to full operation of the analyzer, without cables and without need of being in front of the instrument. For example, while being behind the analyzer, on the roof of the monitoring station... the operator can quickly and automatically find and interact with nearby analyzers directly from his smartphone or computer.

Coming with a host of user friendly features and options the e-Series allow for important saving costs while providing exceptional metrological performances to suit a variety of gas monitoring applications.  

2. Environment S.A. presents its new LAS300XD cross duct analyzer 

Using Tunable Diode Laser Spectroscopy (TDLS) the LAS300XD is the perfect solution to use when you are looking for a selective measurement and a fast response time on some gas components as NH3, HCL, HF or even O2 when conditions are too rough for standard O2 Zirconia In-Situ analysers. TDLS method is a non-contact optical technology and therefore the emitter (laser source) as the sensor stays protected from any contamination or corrosion and so the maintenance operation and the cost of operation are very low compared to other technologies.

Key features:

  • Highly accurate & interference free gas measurements 
  • Large dynamic range 
  • Absolute measurements: no drift, no calibration, inherently linear 
  • Real-time (1 s response) 
  • In-situ and non-invasive (optical technique) 
  • Suitable for harsh environment; sensor unaffected by contaminants (no corrosion) 
  • Absence of extractive conditioning: eliminates errors related to sample handling 
  • Very low maintenance, low cost of ownership 

Main applications: Process analysis, Combustion control, Emission monitoring, Chemical industry, Fertilizer plants, Petrochemical industry, Power plants, Waste incinerators, Cement industry, Glass industry, Pulp and paper, Scrubber technology, Biomass boilers...

3. QAL260: New non-intrusive particulate monitor for low to high dust concentrations

With single side stack mounting, full audit capability, non-intrusive design and user friendly features, options and controllers, the new QAL 260 particulate monitor from PCME – Environnement S.A Group – is ideally suited for measuring particulates in mid to large stacks with low to high dust levels typically found in Power, Incineration, Combustion, Cement, Steel or other complex applications and processes involving hot or aggressive gases. 

MCERTS certified to the latest European standard EN13267-3 to meet QAL1 requirements as a PM CEM with range 0-15mg/m3 and TUV successfully tested (certificate due end of 2016), the instrument utilizes ProScatter™ Backscatter sensor technology with superior minimum detection

The NEW QAL 260 particulate monitor brings stand-alone compact design can be seamlessly connected into any PCME network system currently being used, or as part of a CEM system including Gas Analysers.

QAL 260 includes Manual and remote Zero and Span (reference) checks as well as Automatic Functionality Check with full examination of the optical system. Its friendly features coupled with our long term knowledge of the dust market brings a really robust, high quality Dust monitor to the market, and complements PCME’s range of particulate monitors to provide customers with the right product and technology selection to suit a variety of processes. 

4. QAL1 certified flue gas flow monitor

When carrying out isokinetic stack emissions monitoring, it is necessary to assess that the sample flow profile meets the regulatory requirements. The Stackflow 200 from PCME Ltd (Group Environnement S.A) uses the well-established averaging Pitot technology to provide continuous emission monitoring of flow, temperature and pressure for the direct calculation of the corrected value of flow upon the standard conditions. Fitted on single point installation, it make on-site work easier for set-up and maintenance. Compliant with European monitoring standards EN 16911-2 and EN 15267-3 with QAL1 Certified by TüV as defined by EN14181, the STACKFLOW 200 is also US EPA PS-6 capable. It can be utilised as a standalone sensor or in combination with PCME controllers for the monitoring of particulate and flue gas as part of a larger monitoring network, including gas analyzers. Its inbuilt gas sampling port allow for cost-effective CEMS integration on a single sampling point, meaning one flange. The Stackflow 200 has the ability to cover all the requirements in industrial emissions, such as gas boilers, thermal power plants, incinerators, biomass, etc; and emissions from dust arrestment plant. Its optimized and modular design (3 rod lengths available as standard) makes it very easy to install on any type of stack, even on existing flanges. 

5. Cairnet: real-time air pollution monitoring network

Following in real-time any given pollutant emissions data directly from your office, via your computer, your smartphone or your tablet? All the data centralized, with minimum operating costs (no maintenance, no visit on site to retrieve the data…)? Cairnet is made for you.

In addition to a different version of our Cairsens, keeping its measurement accuracy but adapted to the real-time application, our Cairnet integrates a complete communication system, either using Zigbee radio or GPRS protocols. Completely autonomous thanks to its independent solar panels, Cairnet is extremely easy to use: install on site, switch it on, it’s operational!

According your specifications, the Cairnet network can incorporate several Cairsens sensors, each capable of measuring at very low concentration levels, pollutants of your interest:

  • Ozone and nitrogen dioxide – O3/NO2
  • Ozone and nitrogen dioxide – NO2
  • Carbon monoxide – CO
  • Hydrogen sulfide and methylmercaptan (methanethiol) – H2S/CH4S
  • Ammonia – NH3
  • Sulphur dioxide – SO2
  • CH2O / Organic solvents – Formaldehyde and other organic solvents
  • Non methane volatile organic compounds – COVnm
  • Carbon dioxide – CO2
  • Particulates – PM10 & PM2.5

Able to monitor pollutants at very low levels of concentration (ppb-levels for most) while being calibration-free for a complete year, Cairsens deliver highly reliable and accurate measurement, as defined by the European directive 2008/50/EC. 

Associated with our Caircloud or Cairmap interfaces, the data is easily accessible: displayed on a map, on a configured report automatically sent by mail… Numerous possibilities are available. Also, it can be directly liaised to your existing supervision or management system, to trigger an action (closing a vent, modifying the speed limit…) when a threshold is reached for example.

6. Automatic analysis and validation of environmental data 

iséo environmental software suits offer enhanced analytical performances, including automatic processing and validation of data generated by air quality monitoring systems, perfectly fitting quality assurance requirements.

Innovative and unique on the market it prevent the spread of inaccurate data in case of automatic publication and facilitates the process of validation and control:

  • Automatic analysis of data trustworthiness during acquisition
  • Control of the correlation between several parameters
  • Analysis of the internal parameters of measuring devices (internal temperature, failures…)
  • Detection of abnormal or suspicious values with the possibility to exclude them from processing and reporting
  • The software is fully customizable and can be adapted to multiple measurement conditions and configurations.

7. New generation of environmental DAHS 

Designed to seamlessly manage increasing volumes of data, the new generation of Data Acquisition and Handling Systems (DAHS) from iséo - Environment S.A Group – is ideally suited for the management of environmental metrology (air, weather, water, noise...). 

Key benefits

  • Real time data acquisition (via analog, RS232, TCP-IP, Modbus). Over 250 communication protocols of more than 50 analyzer manufacturers included
  • Automatic analysis and pre-validation of real-time data 
  • Automatic Data Transfer to iséo software (WEX, XR) or other system via an API
  • Management of instrument’s calibration, instant alarms transmission: threshold violations, devices malfunctions, etc 
  • Coming with a host of user friendly features eSAM brings also stand-alone compact design and WEB server based HMI for remote control. They are available in both Windows and Linux versions and ensure our customers can meet their regulatory requirements with certainty and confidence.

8. PicoFlow : control and regulation of reagent in flue gas treatment 

SWR engineering - Environnement SA Group, presents its new flow measurement sensor: PicoFlow. New born in its range of product, PicoFlow was specifically designed for flow measurement in pipelines with a very low concentration of material. 

PicoFlow is particularly good in pneumatic applications but will also work reliably in free-fall applications with drop speeds of at least 2 m/s. The measuring system delivers absolute measurements (after calibration) in g/h or kg/h. A special air purging system is also available as an option. This is used for materials which tend to bake onto surfaces. ATEX certified and suitable for high temperatures, the PicoFlow has a ceramic coating on its very short antenna which prevents sensor wear.

Fully designed and developed by SWR this sensor is perfectly suited for industrial applications especially in power generation plants where it can be used to regulate or control additional reagent in flue gas treatment (activated carbon, minsorb, lignite coke...).

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