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EnviroSolutions Inc. Now Uses Rail Transportation as Green Solution for Waste


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Manassas, VA (PRWEB) April 19, 2013 -- The energy that is used in the transport of waste to distant areas depletes energy resources. In order to combat the energy waste that is involved in transporting waste via truck to distant landfills, EnviroSolutions, Inc. is now transporting waste along railways, which saves thousands of gallons of fuel, minimizing the impacts on the environment.

“People often don’t realize how fuel-efficient a loaded train is,” says Gary Hewes, Vice President of Operations at EnviroSolutions, Inc. “We partner with CSX to move our waste to landfills, and a ton of waste can be transported by rail up to 468 miles on one gallon of fuel. Even the most fuel-efficient semi-truck doesn’t come close to this level of efficiency. That’s why we use rail. To conserve fuel, and in doing so conserve one of the world’s most precious resources: oil.”

Using trains to transport waste is not only more fuel-efficient, reducing the carbon footprint associated with the transportation of waste, but safer, as it removes trucks from roadways. Furthermore, train transportation of waste at EnviroSolutions is closely monitored, with waste being packed in a careful, regulated manner that prevents waste from being spilled out of containers, or mixing in ways potentially harmful to the environment. “A truck that is transporting waste that crashes could create a more hazardous situation than one that is transporting other types of cargo,” says Hewes.

EnviroSolutions, Inc. believes that rail transportation of waste is just one of many energy-conserving practices that are at the forefront of environmentally friendly waste disposal companies. “We do everything we can to reduce the environmental impact of the waste we are entrusted to dispose of,” says Hewes. “We’re constantly seeking ways to improve in this area by investigating green business solutions.”

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