EPA announces list of Superfund sites, draws scrutiny from Republicans


The EPA announced a list of 21 Superfund sites it declared needed “immediate, intense, cleanup” — but offered little detail on how the sites were selected. The list also specifies the 21 sites would receive “direct engagement” from EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt — but little additional information on what that would mean was provided.

The EPA said the list will be dynamic — sites could move on and off the list as appropriate — but no additional funding would be committed to cleaning up the sites on the list.

Given the limited information provided by the EPA, Republican leaders on the House Energy and Commerce Committee sent Pruitt a letter asking for additional information on the site selection process.

This list of sites is separate from the Superfund National Priorities List.

The list of sites includes two with a focus on groundwater cleanup. While the list of sites will draw attention to important Superfund sites requiring work, lack of additional funding tied to the list will likely minimize its impact.

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