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EPA Seeks Comment on Nominations to “Augmented” Science Advisory Committee on Chemicals


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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published a Federal Register notice on August 3, 2017, providing the names and affiliations of additional candidates currently under consideration for appointment to the Science Advisory Committee on Chemicals (SACC). The notice states that the purpose of the SACC is to provide independent advice and expert consultation at the request of the EPA Administrator with respect to the scientific and technical aspects of risk assessments, methodologies, and pollution prevention measures or approaches. According to the notice, after further consideration of the objectives and scope of SACC activities, EPA is considering additional candidates for SACC membership from the August 26, 2016, Federal Register notice pool of requested nominees. EPA is also considering the 29 candidates for membership previously identified in the December 9, 2016, Federal Register notice. EPA will consider comments that it previously received on the 29 candidates. EPA states that it anticipates selecting approximately six additional SACC members “with specific expertise and perspectives representing industry, labor, animal protection, government, public health, and public interest groups.” EPA invites public comments on the candidates, and will use them in selecting the additional chartered SACC members. Comments are due September 5, 2017. This memo contains further information on the background, qualifications of members, and the process of obtaining nominees for the SACC, as well as a short commentary.

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