Eppic News Update


The first quarter of 2017, the most active for articles & titles compilation periods so far, promises to continue into the year based on projections to date. For January-March, 39 conferences were indexed, including 7 mega-conferences on composting, power generation environmental topics, marine oil spills, radioactive waste management, ecology, and bioremediation. Our usual 125 journals & magazines also were screened for articles and relevant titles were added. We have continued to include, and add, international journals and magazines that fit the purpose of this index. Through this update 7,050 articles and paers have been classified & indexed for 2017. As always, unclear titles are clarified to give the reader an idea of the article content. We continue to try and screen research detail beyond the interest of most readers in favor of titles with more of an “applications or information” direction.

We also continue to monitor for new conferences and journals & magazines to enhance the index, yet not lose its primary focus of environment and alternative energy. These areas are projected to be of much more general and constant interest with time on local & global scales. As always, this index lists the titles & where they can be found for reading of the articles & papers at their respective publication sources.

Questions & comments are invited by going to the website or at contact@eppicenvae.org .

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