Equipment Hire - GA2000


The GA2000 is the standard 5 gas analyser within the STL Equipment Hire fleet. This infra-red Gas Analyser is suitable for use in regulatory Landfill monitoring investigations for the detection and measurement of Methane, CO2 and Oxygen.
The analyser also has built-in sensors for the detection and measurement of Toxic gases CO and H2S.


  • Simultaneous readings of all gases on the large LCD display. Interchangeable pods for additional gases and temperature.
  • Handheld and portable.
  • Preset alarm thresholds for % LEL and peak CH4 values.
  • Audible alarm when thresholds are exceeded.


  • ATEX certified.
  • 0-500ppm H2S measurement range.
  • Borehole gas flow and relative pressure measurements.
  • Barometric pressure displayed.
  • Data logging for up to 2,000 readings.
  • Configuration for up to 1,000 site location ID’s.
  • Download connection to PC.

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