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ERP: enthusiasm for battery recycling is `strong`


Source: Materials Recycling Week

People would be more likely to recycle batteries locally if it was easier, results from a new survey reveal. Commissioned by battery recycling scheme European Recycling Platform, the poll shows 80 per cent of the 2,087 adults surveyed would recycle batteries if it was simpler. According to Government figures just 3 per cent of batteries are currently recycled.

The findings come just before national battery collections are introduced across the UK in the new year when it is expected that battery recycling rates will increase.

With 40 per cent of batteries sold in the Christmas period, ERP are urging consumers to collect batteries, ready for recycling in January.

ERP general manager Scott Butler said: “Christmas is a boom time for battery recycling and it’s obvious from the survey results that people want to recycle batteries. This Christmas can be a little bit greener, if people keep batteries out of the bin and ready to take to a collection point in the new year.”

Over a third (38 per cent) of respondents said they were expecting to give or receive Christmas presents which use batteries, such as children’s toys, digital cameras and gaming consoles.
Results also showed that more than half of people (51 per cent) expected to take batteries to a council recycling centre to be recycled, and over a third (36 per cent) said shops which sell batteries.

The batteries directive comes into force on 1 January 2010 and any company which makes or imports batteries must pay for a battery compliance scheme to collect, treat and recycle waste batteries on their behalf.

ERP: enthusiasm for battery recycling is `strong`

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