ErtelAlsop announces the availability of `Triple Action` activated carbon impregnated depth filter media.


Source: ErtelAlsop

ErtelAlsop was the first to introduce the multi stack depth filter cartridge configuration, known as Zeta-Pak elements, for use in a wide range of industries. Often copied, these exclusive elements offer major advantages in pharmaceutical processing.

In their unique construction, the cells for each Zeta-Pak element are assembled from a pair of pharmaceutical grade ErtelAlsop Micro-Media or Alpha-MediaT circular pads. The outer edges of each pair are sealed by a patented process using food grade polypropylene. The standard 11 1/8 inch diameter Zeta-Pak cartridge is configured with any number of cells available in six, nine and sixteen cell configurations with 7 to 20 square feet per cartridge.

The six cell Zeta-Pak cartridge has widely spaced cells and is designed for use in filtering high solids content fluids since it has the ability to retain large amounts of solids.

The ErtelAlsop sterilizable grade Zeta-Pak filter cartridges are available in ten standard porosities ranging from 0.25 to 15 microns nominal for filtration of products such as biochemicals, active pharmaceutical ingredients, plasma fractions, vaccines, sera, large volume parenterals and more.

For use with the Zeta-Pak filters ErtelAlsop has introduced sanitary design Pharma-Pak housings. These 316L stainless steel filter housings are easy to disassemble for the stringent cleaning required in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries. Connections are sanitary flange design.

Zeta-Pak filter elements and Pharma-Pak sanitary filter housings are products of eighty years of experience in the manufacture of filtration products for a wide diversity of applications in numerous industries.

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