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EScIS Announces Release of New Version of ESlog Providing Web-Based Generation of Borehole Logs

Source: Esdat Environmental Data Software

Finding effective and practical software for managing environmental data does not have to be complicated. EScIS delivers desktop, server, and cloud-based solutions that continue to win universal praise.

There is a great need for easy to use, reliable software that delivers the accurate and up-to-date management of environmental data. Stepping up to address these kinds of solutions in a quite remarkable way has been EScIS  (Earth Science Information Systems). Providing diverse options in the form of software and services to meet client needs, EScIS recently announced the launch of the latest version of 'ESLog'. ESlog provides for the web-based generation of borehole logs with no requirement for desktop software. It is designed to be quick and straightforward to use, with its target users being consultants, miners, industry and government agencies across the globe.

'We are excited to offer the latest version of ESlog our free web-based borehole log software,' commented a spokesperson from the company. 'ESlog is simple, fast and intuitive and used for the reporting of boring and well log data with no requirement for desktop software.'

EScIS are the developers of ESdat a specialist environmental database system used to validate, import, analyze and report a broad spectrum of environmental data as exceedance tables, graphs, maps, statistics and more. 

Some highlights of products from EScIS that allow this data to be accessed and managed include 'ESdat Desktop', 'ESdat Server', and completely cloud (web) based 'ESdat Online'. In addition to the free bore logging web-based software now in its latest generation.

Reviews of the Cloud-based software has been very positive. Chris S., from Melbourne, recently said in a five-star review, 'We are finding ESLog very useful for our needs! We are looking to integrate it (ESdat) more across our company and standardize our systems. Very much recommended.'