GREENMAX - a brand by Intco Recycling

GREENMAX - a brand by Intco Recycling

Establish styrofoam recycling mechanism to reduce white pollution


White pollution refers to the image of a plastic product that is difficult to be naturally degraded and then destroyed after being thrown away. This is because the commonly used disposable plastic products are mostly white, so it is called white pollution.

Establish a styrofoam recycling mechanism:
Waste plastics products provide special recycling institutions that can be invested by the government or encourage private capital to deal with them and build a standardized white waste disposal agency.

Reduce the use of plastic products:
Use substitutes to replace the use of plastic products, especially the most common disposable plastic products that are replaced with reusable material products.

Pay attention to the prevention of white pollution:
We will increase research on plastics materials, vigorously develop environmental protection technologies, and provide preferential policies to reduce the cost and cost of green product sales.

Conducting environmental awareness of white pollution:
For direct use of people to carry out environmental awareness of the propaganda, as far as possible so that users choose environmentally friendly products to replace the use of white plastic products, from the source to reduce the production of plastic waste.

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