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ET brings real-time particulate data module to market


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Air quality monitoring specialists can now access real-time particulate data via a simple bolt-on accessory for the BAM-1020, available from Enviro Technology.

The BX-895 Real Time Module created by Met One Instruments complements standard hourly readings with one, five, ten, 15 or 30 minute averages. This functionality is useful when correlating changing wind conditions to particulate events or when early predictions of hourly concentration data from the BAM-1020 are needed.

A self-contained, low-maintenance system, the BX-895 can be configured to work with PM10 and PM2.5 monitors. Compatible with all models, it can be mounted to the BAM-1020 inlet within minutes and it can also be used separately with any analog data logger.

“Whilst the BAM-1020’s hourly readings conform with all current reporting requirements, we recognise that in certain situations real-time data can be beneficial,” says Duncan Mounsor, Sales & Marketing Director at Enviro Technology. “The BX-895 is an inexpensive, highly sensitive plug and play device that will be of interest for roadside monitoring, as well as for the quarrying and construction industries.”

The BX-895 conditions air samples for RH then passes them through a forward light scatter laser nephelometer engine where the particulate mass is measured. A purge system protects the optics from excessive exposure to dust particles. The mass signal is continuously scaled to an analog voltage output which represents the real-time particulate concentration.

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