ET Marine Anticipates Sales Boost Following New Air Pollution Regulations


Source: Enviro Technology Services Ltd

Untitled Document ET Marine, which was set up just two months ago, has reported massive interest in its newly launched Seanox ship air pollution monitor at the prestigious Nor-Shipping trade fair in Norway which took place this month (June).

The company is now poised to meet the demand from the international maritime community – boosting sales and, potentially, employment at its head office in Stroud, Gloucestershire.

ET Marine is one of only two companies worldwide that can provide a monitor that meet new International Maritime Organisation (IMO) regulations on exhaust emissions pollution.

ET Marine’s range of CHEMILUMINESCENT ships engine exhaust analysers generated a huge amount of interest among the record 13,429 visitors to the Nor-Shipping trade fair.

Annex VI of MARPOL 73/78 legislation - which came into force on 19 May - stipulates that all ships over 400 tonnes or with an engine output exceeding 130kw should monitor emissions of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) to reduce air pollution from ships.

Appendix III of Annex VI MARPOL 73/78 states that the NOx detectors must be of the CHEMILUMINESCENT type, with a nitrogen dioxide (NO2) converter.

Sister company Enviro Technology Services Plc, also based at Kingfisher Business Park, London Road, has already produced highly robust and cost-effective CHEMILUMINESCENT analysing systems that are capable of continuously analysing engine emissions.

Drawing upon the wealth of experience Enviro Technology Services has gained since it was established in 1983, ET Marine has now set up a network of fully trained agents and service centres worldwide to provide technical support facilities when required.

Working alongside international shipping companies and fuel producers, ET Marine recently conducted extensive proving trials with its Seanox CHEMILUMINESCENT compact continuous emission monitor onboard cruise liners, roll-on roll-off ferries and tankers to meet the IMO regulations.

ET Marine’s sales director Duncan Mounsor said: “We are delighted by the response to our CHEMILUMINESCENT analyser by both individuals and agencies at the Nor-Shipping exhibition.

“The IMO requires the CHEMILUMINESCENT method for NOx measurements, as it produces a more accurate result than samples taken by other methods, such as electrochemical sensors, NDIR or heated probes, where the heated sample line may cool and condensate.

“ET Marine is one of only two companies worldwide who can provide the IMO standard analyser, and we are poised to meet the demand from the international maritime community.”

The Seanox Analyser has been approved and certified by DNV Det Norske Veritas.

For further information, contact Duncan Mounsor at ET Marine on 0870 161 3362 or send an email

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