EUBCE 2016 Monday Conference Opening


Monday Conference Opening will include a snap-shot of innovative bioenergy applications at commercial level from big investors in advanced technologies.

There have been significant commercial scale advances in biofuels production over the last year or so and presentations will be given by DSM and TOTAL. These keynote presentations will be followed by a selection of high level addresses and finally a panel discussion where we can catch up on the latest discussions surrounding the role of bioenergy in the work's evolving energy supply infrastructure.

Biomethane continues to attract attention as a clean fuel for a number of applications and we plan a key presentation on flexible biomethane applications. And, with the ever developing field of renewables, we have invited Ralph Sims from Massey University to present a global overview of the role of bioenergy in relation to those other renewables.

The Conference Opening will conclude with the Linneborn Prize 2016 Award and the EUBIA 2016 Award Ceremonies.

EUBCE 2016 Plenary Sessions Overview

In addition to the Plenary Session of the Conference Opening on Monday, the EUBCE Committees have selected 13 plenaries for this year's programme. For each of these we ask the presenters to give an overview of the state-of-the-art in their field and the future prospects.

This year's plenary sessions are focused on innovation and technological development activities in the areas of heating, cooling, electricity, biofuels and biorefinery plants. The emphasis is on reducing emissions, process commercialization, increasing the yield and regional integration ultimately for sustainable development.

Summaries of the plenary sessions are as follows:

Tuesday 7 June, 10:15-12:35: three sessions on biomass resources and thermal and thermochemical conversion processes of biomass.

A study developing spatially explicit country-level projections of the total exportable biomass resource base opens the first session. Then, a presentation on the main findings of fibre crops agronomy and harvesting, and on the products from fibre crops.

The second session deals with the developed concept of a novel small-scale biomass boiler, and then focuses on a large scale operating CFB-gasification system.

The last session discusses innovations on processes and technologies to produce oil, its upgraded energy and chemical products, and syngas and biomethane from biomass.

Wednesday 8 June, 10:15-12:35: key issues associated with climate impact implications of CO2 fluxes in bioenergy systems and the expanded role of sustainable non-food biomass supply and delivery in the European biobased economy are analysed in the first of the three sessions.

The second session addresses some of the key approaches for the integration of bioenergy technologies that can be implemented in a flexible manner to provide energy output on demand, to ensure electricity grid stability and balancing.

The third session deals with future developments of biorefineries and effects of government policy on bioenergy projects.

In all plenaries we plan time for questions and answers, so it’s also a great chance to raise critical issues.

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