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EUROLAMEX Laminated safety glass - Updated product brochure


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Key facts and technical data at a glance, you´ll find it in our updated safety glass brochure. This is available in German and English as a printed document or as a pdf file.


  • In practice a distinction is made between passive and active safety. 
  • passive safety: injury -reducing, shard - retaining, fall - preventing 
  • active safety: glass provide against- thrown objects, break in or out, explosion pressure 
  • P1A - P5 A is classified against thrown objects, P6B - P8B stands for penetration- resistant 


  • framed facades elements 
  • overhead and roof glazing in private and public applications 
  • recommendation of sound reduction glass, to reduce sound of rain and hailstone 
  • walkin glazing to clean area and point- fixed roof glazing (approval in indivuallity case) 
  • single glazing in doors, stairway landings, stairway railings 
  • balustrade elements 
  • burglary protection for floor level windows 

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