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European Odorless Casting Project


The Odorless Casting LIFE project was selected among the 5 of the”Best of the Best“ LIFE projects during the Best LIFE Awards ceremony

Brussles -- The annual Best LIFE Awards ceremony took place in Brussels on 31 May 2016 in the framework of the EU Green week, the largest conference on environmental policy, which focused on the topic “Investing for a greener future”. The Odorless Casting LIFE project was selected among the 5 of the ”Best of the Best“ LIFE projects from a total of 25 projects. The project was carried out by Mr. Christian Mülleder from the R&D department of CTP in Graz and four other companies, which performed tests and measurements.

The LIFE programme has financed more than 2420 LIFE environmental and information projects since 1992, which have created profitable green businesses, sustainable jobs and new approaches to meet the environmental challenges. Two results that have been achieved in Europe thanks to the LIFE programme were better air quality for more than 12 million people and improved water quality over an area of 3 million hectares.

Meehanite Technology Ltd, Finland initiated and coordinated the EU LIFE project “Odour and hazardous emission abatement of foundries”. The intention of the project was to develop and demonstrate technically, environmentally and economically feasible odor and hazardous emission abatement systems for the air pollution control purposes of the foundry industry, equipment manufacturers, the authorities, and ambient air quality improvements in general. The basic idea was to examine different types of abatement techniques on similar applications and to find out their relative efficiencies in order to compare them by some efficiency indices and to give advice about their usefulness.

The first emission source, which was studied and measured, was the workshop ventilation at a steel foundry in Finland. The second foundry, where CTP was involved in, was an aluminum foundry in Linz (Austria). Finally, CTP performed pilot tests at an iron foundry in Finland which took place in 2013.

To put it in a nutshell, the results of the Odorless Casting project showed that regenerative thermal oxidation is the best available technique with regard to economic and technical aspects.

The final report on this project was published here.

Further publications like the article “Bewährte Geruchs- und VOC-Abreinigung für Gießereien” is available here

Our latest publication “Novel foundry emission treatment system” is available upon request.

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