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Evolution of the TD-550 and TD-560 Oil in Water Analyzers

February 12, 2020 -- In the 12 years since the TD-500D analyzer was first released, there have been significant improvements in LED and photodiode technologies. In 2016 Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments released the TD-120 Oil in Water Monitor for cooling water and steam condensate processes. This new monitor features an LED and photodiode-based optical kit, like the TD-500D before it. When coupled with improved signal handling, the TD-120 offered a wider measurement range of oils and the widest linear range of any monitor on the market.

With the new optical kit, sensor developments and touchscreen interface, an updated sample analyzer was a natural progression. TDHI developed the TD-550 Oil in Water Analyzer, with the new optical kit, electronics and interface. The TD-550’s single measurement channel has the same oil sensitivities as both channels of the TD-500D combined. For crude oils that are API 45 and heavier, the TD-550, using an 8 mm sample cuvette, produces ideal measurement results.

TDHI has also received many inquiries for an analyzer capable of measuring light gas condensates (API 45 and lighter), gasoline, lube oil and hydraulic oils. Thanks to the inclusion of improved LEDs, the TD-560 offers a second measurement channel that has spectacular sensitivity to BTEX, fuels, light gas condensates and heavy crude oils.

Personnel on offshore platforms make a single sample analysis per day from a single location and want a simple device. Operators can turn on the TD-550 or TD-560 analyzer, insert a sample cuvette into the cuvette holder and press read. In addition to the improved sensor capabilities as detailed above, the touchscreen interface has been significantly upgraded. Because the touchscreen tablet has a large internal memory, the new sample analyzers have almost unlimited calibration storage, sample tagging and data logging.

TDHI has also included support documents and videos on the tablet. With the analyzers’ built in Wi-Fi and USB communications, all the data stored can be easily transferred to a PC. Firmware upgrades can be easily applied by an IT technician if needed. Customers who use a sample analyzer at multiple locations will enjoy being able to have a stored calibration for each site.

TD-550/560 Applications

  • Produced water
  • Waste water
  • Steam condensate
  • Cooling water
  • Intake protection
  • Discharge compliance
  • Oil in soil analysis
  • Storm water
  • Treatment verification

TD-550/560 Features

  • Low cost per sample analysis
  • Large full-color touch screen interface
  • Advanced data logging and graphing capabilities
  • Compatible with all popular extraction solvents and TDHI’s No-Solvent Method
  • Results can be correlated to official lab methods such as USEPA 1664A and ISO 9377-1

For more information on the TD-550 and TD-560 Oil in Water Analyzers:
or 1.559.253.1414.