EVTN expands international market


Enviro Voraxial Technology, Inc. (EVTN) has received a purchase order for a Voraxial 2000 and a Voraxial 4000 unit from Impresa Metalmeccanica & Carpenterie (IMCA), a renowned engineering firm based in Civitavecchia, Italy. IMCA will implement the applications of the high-efficiency Voraxial through its commercial division, PMC Ltd.

The Voraxial offers a cost-effective method for separating many common contaminants from water at very high volumes while decreasing the amount of space, energy and weight to conduct the separation. The applications for this technology span many global industrial sectors.

The Voraxial has already been deployed for critical fluid and fluid/solid separation processes in the oil & gas, mining, oil spill and refinery sectors. Other markets for the Voraxial include manufacturing, marine, agriculture, dredging and pulp & paper. Pending orders, proposals and trials indicate a growing recognition of the Voraxial's capabilities to offer economical solutions across a broad range of applications, with each application representing significant market potential.

Under the agreement, IMCA will have the right to market the Voraxial technology within Italy for a period of one year, after which the agreement can be extended. IMCA has several prospective customers that require efficient separation solutions. Discussions with these customers are now on-going.

Since the 1990s, IMCA has been engaged in numerous activities involving green technology aimed at the production of green and alternative energy. In this field, IMCA has remained committed to respecting the international standards for the protection of the environment in all of its foremost projects. 'The Voraxial provides us with a key solution to offer our customers. There is a tremendous need for the Voraxial and we already have customers interested in the technology to improve their water quality', said Mr. Roberto Piroli, President of IMCA.

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