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Exciting Changes to the AirTEXT Website


Some great features have been added to the airTEXT website:

The 'Air Quality Maps' page now shows air quality forecast maps created by ADMS-Urban at 7m resolution across London for all 3 days of the forecast, on a familiar Google Maps background with optional local authority boundaries
The new 'Air Quality Alerts' page summarises the airTEXT air quality alert status across London up to 3 days ahead, showing regions and local authorities that have an alert in place.
In the main header, there is now a colour-coded banner that gives an at-a-glance summary of the air quality alert status
The 'Local Bulletins' page shows air quality, UV, pollen, and temperature forecasts for each local authority and region
We've given the 'About' pages a revamp, explaining what airTEXT is and how the forecasts are generated, and providing comparisons of recent forecasts with observed pollution levels to assess the accuracy of the forecasts
We hope visitors to the website will agree that it's a significant step forward for the airTEXT website. Let us know what you think by emailing us at

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