Exciting new Open Channel Flow features with Gauger


SolidAT Gauger supports Open Channel Flow (OCF) measurements. This new member of SolidAT non-contact level sensors complements OCF features already found in the SmartScan and MonoScan lines.

Built-in equations are included for Parshall flumes, Palmer Bowlus flumes, Khafagi Venturi flumes, Leopold Lagco flumes, H-Flumes, V-Notch weirs, Trapezoidal Cipolletti weirs, Rectangular Contracted weirs and Rectangular Suppressed weirs. Weirs are of the sharp crested type. In addition, Gauger calculates flow using Manning formula for open circular pipes where no special structure is available.

European and American flume and weir standards are both supported. Gauger can be configured for a wide range of output unit systems: m3/h, cf/s, GPM, l/s and MGD units.

SolidAT recommends the use of Gauger for OCF when these additional features are required:

  • General canal, channel, ditch and open pipe flows (Manning formula)
  • Remote sites requiring wireless (GSM) reporting
  • Remote sites requiring battery based operations
  • Other types of flumes and weirs or other unit types

Several output interfaces are available: RS485 or USB interface to a PC or wireless GSM network. With the wireless option, data is transmitted by SMS or GPRS messages. Gauger supports a new custom-firmware concept, allowing field upgrade to new firmware within minutes. SolidAT develops custom-firmware, such as support for new flumes or alerts, upon project request.

SolidAT recommends the use of SmarScan50 when other features such as totalization (accumulated flow), control relays and custom table-based flumes are required.

Check our web page for additional information: open-channel-flow.htm.

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