ExNovoMaterials in the circular economy


Source: Italian Exhibition Group S.p.A.

Twenty years of Ecomondo, from waste to renewable material. A large exhibition will present the extraordinary reality resulting from the meeting of recycling and high quality, inventive talent and operative experimentation. Three essential instruments for planning the future, three qualities specific of Italy

Twenty years of expo on recovery, collection and recycling. On 8th November, at Rimini Fiera, Ecomondo celebrates its 20th “birthday” and numerous initiatives will retrace the success of an expo that has been able to accompany the dawn of a new culture targeting sustainability, through to the current profile of circular economy.

At the centre of the initiatives, the exhibition set up in the foyer if the south entrance, under the huge cupola. ExNovoMaterials in the circular economy represents the present turning point: the one that is changing the way in which material is used in the industrial world. 

On one hand some materials, which up until recently were only waste, assume new characteristics and performances, offering reliable flows of supplies for the manufacturing world. On the other, industrial biomaterials, which obtain a series of continually evolving raw materials from agricultural products. 

To show precisely what ExNovoMaterials are, the exhibition follows an ideal three-stage itinerary.

It starts with the representation of the “machine” that currently creates new materials for industry (featuring the Labyrinth of Rooms round the Packaging Square). Each material is present as what it is and what it can be: Paper, Aluminium, Wood, Glass, Plastic, Steel, Mineral Oil, Rubber, Compost and Bioplastic. In the centre, a space dedicated to packaging, an item that many materials have in common in the circular nature of the process that goes from waste to new products. 

Then there are examples of the great economic reality that is currently growing thanks to these new players (and here there are the Testimonial Towers of industrial applications). 

Visitors lastly arrive at the Experimentation and Innovation Space, which brings together some experiences exploring the trends of the future.

The exhibition intends communicating, with a journey represented by visual and digital content, the suggestion and innovation of what is happening. A visionary journey between present and future that describes potential and applications, showing a future in which the Circular Economy can supply itself, automatically reducing the impact of drawing on natural resources.

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