Exploring the Art of Cooperation – An Inter-regional High Level Dialogue


The previous World Water Weeks have benefited from the debates of the Regional Days (Latin American, Africa, Asia), that have contributed to better understand what are the water-related developments and challenges within specific regions. The World Water Week 2013 moves a step beyond and aims at promoting inter-regional dialogue between the three regions. Two main reasons guide this strategic decision: 1) all regions are different and there is no one-fits-all solutions but the regions can take lessons learned from the other regional experiences; 2) South-South cooperation has been significantly increasing in the last couple of years, and the three regions are more connected than ever.

The goal of this session is to promote dialogue and debate in three different ways:

Look at the past: what have been the positive developments and challenges in the three regions concerning the 3 topics of the last WWW topics – Water and Sanitation; Water and Urbanization; Water and Food Security? How different are the experiences from the three different regions? What can we learn from it?

Look at the present: unpack the current developments and benefits of cooperation at intra-regional level (e.g. within the Southeast Asia region), inter-regional level (e.g. between Southern and Eastern African regions), and Global South cooperation (e.g. between the African continent and the BRICs)

Look at the future: how to integrate the new influential water actors, such as the RECs (Regional Economic Communities), regional banks and private sector, into an effective cooperation across the regions?

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