Exposing Indoor Air Quality with YESDUST Particulate Sensor

Delta, B.C. – Critical Environment Technologies Canada Inc. (CETCI) recently introduced YESDUST. This particulate sensor is designed to be used in conjunction with the multi-sensor indoor air quality (IAQ) monitors developed by CETCI, such as the YESAIR.

YESDUST is a low-cost, hand-held, battery powered device. It contains a self-aspired, optical sensor that utilizes convection (heated air) to move the air through the sensing region of the sensor. The measured readings are shown on the LCD display and data logged to the internal flash card of the IAQ monitors. The device operates from its own internal rechargeable nickel hydride batteries, providing approximately five hours of run time, or a supplied wall adapter, providing continuous operation.

The YESDUST is ideal for IAQ applications containing dust, particulates, cigarette smoke, pollen, fibers, etc. Every YES product is designed to deliver years of reliable operation and is easy to operate.

For more information on the entire range of IAQ instruments and gas detection systems, please visit www.yestek.com and www.critical-environment.com.

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