EZ-ATP: breakthrough in automatic microbiological monitoring


Source: AppliTek NV

AppliTek is proud to unveil the latest advances in the development of the EZ-ATP On-line Microbiological Analyzer.

Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) test kits are commonly used for microbiological monitoring. The test includes a relatively fast and easy assay of the microbial content of the sample based on the detection of the ATP molecule, the central energy carrier found in and around living cells of all life forms. As a manufacturer of Early Warning Systems for various water applications, AppliTek was challenged to design the first commercially available microbiological analyzer using the ATP measurement protocol.

Current standard procedures to assess the bacteriological safety of drinking water have their limits. Grab samples need to be taken and transported to laboratories for analysis, which is time-consuming and a multi-step procedure prone to errors, if not to mention manipulation. Continuous, on-line measurement would eliminate these inherent problems and discard the need for manual sampling. A continuous data flow on the microbial load in the aquatic body would be obtained immediately, and in case of risk or contamination, appropriate action can be taken sooner than is possible with any existing laboratory-based procedure.

As such, the use of ATP as a critical control parameter in all sorts of water matrices and industrial processes presents a major achievement in QC/QA strategies. By implementing the EZ-ATP On-line Microbiological Analyzer, e.g. typically in a monitoring station, water companies and authorities will have a true Early Warning System for the detection and measurement of any hazardous substance in the water.

Application fields

The primary application field is quality and safety of drinking water, both at production and distribution level. AppliTek will investigate its use for other industrial applications:

  • Monitoring water quality in pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Screening of bacteria in water for food samples
  • Evaluation of biocide use in re-used water
  • Optimization of biocide strategies on fine paper machines
  • Real-time testing of bioburdens in metalworking fluids
  • Monitoring of microbial biomass in wastewater effluent
  • Effects of chemical pollutants in soil and groundwater


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