Fall Property Maintenance Tips to Help Avoid Common Indoor Environmental Quality Issues


Source: Cochrane & Associates, LLC

CSC provides testing and consulting services to identify and resolve indoor environmental quality issues in residential and commercial buildings.

Chatsworth, CA, November 2nd, 2015 -- With the fall season in full swing, now is an ideal time to check the condition of a home or commercial property and perform some preventive maintenance tasks. Taking steps now can help to ensure a property is in good condition to provide a safe and comfortable place for building occupants before cooler winter weather arrives.


“Preventive maintenance and inspecting a property can in many circumstances help to prevent costly repairs and may even increase the building’s energy efficiency,” said Franco Seif, President of Clark Seif Clark. “Equally important, some of these tasks could help prevent indoor environmental issues associated with carbon monoxide, mold and moisture, water intrusion, and other potential indoor and safety issues.”


The building science professionals at Clark Seif Clark provide the following recommendations for preparing a property for the fall and upcoming winter:

·       Remove leaves and obstructions from gutters and downspouts to prevent ice dams this winter and ensure that all water is draining away from the building.

·       Properties with chimneys should have them inspected each year and cleaned if necessary.

·       Check siding for any damage or areas that moisture could enter.

·       Inspect for any damage to the roof and be sure skylights are properly sealed.

·       Check windows and doors for drafts and replace any worn weather stripping.

·       Add insulation to exposed pipes.

·       Check smoke detectors and carbon monoxide sensors and change out the batteries.

·       Change filters for the HVAC system and consider having the furnace checked by a qualified professional.  Also inspect the air ducts for the buildup of dust and debris.

·       Trim trees that could cause damage to the property with broken limbs.

·       Consider having any asphalt driveways or parking lots sealed.

·       Clean and cover outdoor air conditioning components.

·       In places with freezing weather, don’t forget to shut off and drain any exterior sprinkler systems.  Also check outdoor faucets for leaks.

·       When cold weather arrives and the property is sealed, consider having it checked for the presence of radon.


The professionals at Clark Seif Clark provide comprehensive indoor environmental quality audits and testing services to identify and resolve a wide range of issues in all types of buildings. They also recently sponsored an educational video with fall maintenance tips that can be seen at: https://youtu.be/aqkOFWnosC8


To learn more about this or other indoor air quality, occupational, environmental, health and safety testing services, please visit www.csceng.com, email csc@csceng.com or call (800) 807-1118. 


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