Farmers Going For Growth – Liquid Fertiliser Tanks and Rainwater Harvesting Tanks



If you follow Faming Life, you might have read about ‘Going For Growth’, a strategy that will challenge all sectors of the agrifood chain.  The strategy recognises a growing global demand for food and the natural advantages of Northern Ireland in terms of climate, skills and the structure to produce it efficiently.

The strategy aims to ensure that growth can be delivered without negative impact on the environment, with an emphasis on efficiency and sustainability, to allow the industry to not only grow, but to ‘grow green’.

The initiative focuses on helping farmers recover the maximum return on their investment in feeds and fertilizer.  One such tactic in leveraging optimum returns might be through the usage of large, dedicated liquid fertiliser tanks.  The Enduramaxx range is made in hard-wearing, uv-stabilised polyethylene for minimal wastage.  With sizes ranging up to 30,000 litres, savings can be made through bulk buying and reduced mixing times.

Another area where farmers can increase sustainability is through the recycling of rainwater and this can be achieved through rainwater harvesting tanks that store rainwater channelled from large roof areas.  This surplus water can be used in the place of mains water for cleaning and watering of crops and livestock.

To learn more about the Enduramaxx range of liquid fertiliser tanks, rainwater harvesting tanks and the broader range of cone tanks, potable tanks, industrial tanks and storage tanks, please get in touch.

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