Farmers to improve water productivity


Water is at the forefront of farmers' minds, as continued population growth and climate change put real pressure on farmers to deliver more 'crop per drop.' In San Jose on 3rd and 4th March, key growers, policymakers and solution providers meet to help push forward sustainable water management. Agriculture is essential to California's economy, supplying over half of U.S. fruits, nuts and vegetables, but the industry faces a critical challenge - how to grow more with less. There is now insufficient water to meet agriculture demand, driven by continued population growth, which means farmers must act now to remain productive and profitable.

Farmers are always seeking new ways to improve water productivity, but the commercial and environmental benefits associated with investment in the latest irrigation technology and management solutions are not always clear. A lack of knowledge clouds investment decisions and acts as a stumbling block to improved water productivity. On 3rd and 4th March in San Jose, FC Business Intelligence will unite major stakeholders at California's only integrated water management event, to put the spotlight on the strategies needed to increase yields and better utilise water resources.


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