Federal Government announces clean technology projects across Canada



The federal government has announced funding for 23 clean technology projects in communities from coast to coast to coast.

The funding, which totals $61.8 million in areas such as agriculture, transportation, mining and energy, is being provided through Sustainable Development Technology Canada's (SDTC) SD Tech Fund™

The announcement was made in Montreal by Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver and Environment Minister Peter Kent. They were joined by SDTC President Vicky Sharpe.

'Our Government is doing its part to encourage innovation and the next wave of clean technologies to help protect our environment and create high-quality jobs,' said Minister Oliver. 'Investment in projects such as these demonstrates our leadership in driving a vibrant clean technology industry in Canada.'

Companies backed by the fund include Calgary's Borealis GeoPower Inc., a developer of geothermal energy exploration technologies, Montréal's Effenco Development Inc., a provider of energy efficiency solutions for heavy trucks, and Vancouver's Whale Shark Environmental Technologies Ltd., a developer of marine hull-cleaning technologies.

Montréal's Agri-Neo will lead a consortia to test a bio-pesticide that is beneficial to crops and non-toxic to the surrounding environment. Verve Energy Solutions of Calgary will test a process that gives oil sands producers the ability to separate tailings into recyclable water and stackable clays and soil through the use of a polymer.

Also in Calgary, Western Hydrogen will test its break-through technology that converts natural gas into hydrogen using a process called molten salt gasification (MSG), which could reduce GHG emissions by 23 percent. Still in the oil patch, Calgary's MEG Energy will test a combination of processes to convert bitumen into pipeline-ready crude oil, no longer requiring diluents for transportation.

Yava Technologies of Toronto will pursue a Zinc Recovery Demonstration Project for a low-cost, environmentally-friendly process that could allow producers to avoid concentrating, smelting and traditional zinc refining, and Saskatoon's Venmar CES is commercializing a new HVAC system dubbed the 'smART A/C', which promises significantly increased energy efficiency while simultaneously controlling supply air humidity.

One of the more interesting projects being led by Toronto's Solar Ship is the development of an airship that uses a hybrid propulsion system powered by solar cells and a fuel powered combustion engine to move cargo to often inaccessible remote areas. Still in the air GHGSat of Montreal will test a satellite-based remote emissions-sensing solution.

semiosBIO Technologies of Vancouver will test an automated and integrated pest management system and R.I.I. North America  of Edam, Saskatchewan will explore innovative, energy-saving Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) methods.

Power Measurement Ltd. of Burnaby will test a smart controller for electrical substations, and Polystyvert of Montréal will research recycling of polystyrene using an innovative dissolution approach. Also in Burnaby, NuWave Research will test a continuous vacuum microwave drying on commercial crops which could reduce energy use by 89 percent.

Nichromet Extraction from Thetford Mines, Quebec will lead a pilot gold refining demonstration plant project. Another mining project will be led by Minesense Technologies of Vancouver that will test a scalable mine waste reclamation solution allowing operators to better sort waste rock based on mineral content that could revive 'end of life' mines.

Eocycle from Levis, Quebec will test a high-torque low-speed generator for large wind turbines, while Atlantis Operations (Canada) of Halifax, will test a full scale tidal turbine; both are intended to create more efficient renewable energy systems.

Diacarbon™ Energy of Burnaby will create a commercial scale demonstration bio-coal production facility and Airex Industries from Laval, Quebec will explore a biomass torrefaction demonstration plant.

Développement Effenco of Montréal will lead a large scale demonstration of an engine hybrid system for heavy duty utility trucks, and Canada Lithium of Toronto will build a lithium metal pilot plant.

'SDTC is proud to add these projects to its portfolio, now valued at more than $2 billion,' said Dr. Sharpe. 'As Canada works to diversify its export markets, working with new trading partners in emerging countries, these innovative technologies will help make Canadian natural resources and products more globally attractive and competitive.'

More complete details on each project are available here,

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