FEECO International provides solutions minimizing phosphate contaminations in water shed


Source: FEECO International, Inc.

FEECO an industry leader of fertilizer, material handling, and organic waste solutions is currently working with Brown County on the Brown County Waste Transformation Initiative (BCWTI). The principle of the project is to be able to take the county’s organic waste, process it and sell it around the world as nutrient-rich, pathogen-free fertilizer.

“Making fertilizer out of waste is nothing novel for FEECO International – short for Fertilizer Engineering and Equipment Company – already does this on a bigger scale. The 58-year old company builds equipment, systems and facilities around the world that make fertilizer pellets out of animal waste,” states Dan Madigan FEECO’s President.

Phosphorous is a needed element in agricultural growth, but being able to control the levels that are spread onto the soils of different watersheds is the key. “Phosphate Mining is a key concept,” states Madigan some areas are overloaded and taking on yearly amounts of phosphates that severely impact their ecosystem while there are areas that do not have an adequate amount to aid in their agricultural growth.

FEECO’s solution tackles the issue at the source and allows for an economical distribution system that will help the Environment and the Markets. It is all based around an Eco-Centristic philosophy, providing a balance between what is needed in the market and what is best for the environment.

FEECO International isn’t reinventing the wheel. It’s following a similar business model it did when it formed the offshoot company ENCAP, says FEECO’s Vice President and General Manager Lee Hoffmann. ENCAP takes unrecyclable waste from the paper industry – pulps and fibers that have been recycled so many times that they can’t be made into paper again – and creates a wide variety of garden products by encapsulating it with seeds, lime, gypsum and other ingredients in a way that minimizes runoff, Hoffmann says. Its products are sold worldwide.

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