Field adjustable oil/water/solids separator


Source: Mercer International Inc.

What is the Mercer Advantage?

We offer a full line of rectangular and cylindrical units from 10 to 7,500 gpm, as well as existing system and API up-grades. Our capabilities also include custom design, mobile separators and rental units. Mercer is well known for its high-performance units and versatile design features.

Our Compliance Master separator features the Multi-Pack coalescer that allows field adjustment to obtain the highest possible efficiency with the lowest practical maintenance frequency, for stormwater and difficult process & wastewater applications.

The following design features make the Compliance Master separator the end user's choice:

  • Field adjustable plate gaps.
  • Non-Plugging flat parallel-plate design.
  • Chimney-Zone solids settling feature.
  • 55° coalescer plate and tank bottom angles.
  • Easily removable & maintainable components.
  • Quality design, materials and construction.

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