Filter Press Draco, excellence in dewatering


Source: Toro Equipment S.L.

Draco® Filter Press by Toro Equipment, offers maximum dewatering and dry solids production.

Maximum dewatering and dry solids production, large filtration area in a short space, automatic control system, low chemical consumption, after-sales technical assistance. Process flexibility-easily accommodates fluctuating inlet consistency. User friendly-simple, safe & reliable operation.

Capable of operating in fully automatic, FPA, semi-automatic, FPSA, completely in manual mode, FPM and high performance automatic filter press with 125 plates, FPA-AR.

Toro Equipment also manufactures containerized plants with Draco

Toro Equipment with a high experience in filter press manufacturing, offers several types of opening of plates, totally, laterally plate by plate and upper plate to plate, besides you can choose different kinds of plates, chamber or membrane plates and different execution, open execution or closed execution.

The filter press have incorporated the filter cloth more appropriated for each application, in order to obtain the maximum performance.

You can configure Draco  with different optionals, as automatic cleaning system, drip tray, cake conveyor, installation of walkways and roofs, sludge collection hopper.

Suitable for chemical industry, mining industry, industrial and municipal wastewater, and other special applications.

Draco filter pres, a highly effective solution for dewatering.

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