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Finding the Right Weather Monitoring System for Solar


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Hillsboro OR -- Optimizing a solar plant to achieve maximum return is a challenge. Columbia Weather Systems tackles environmental monitoring. Weather data accumulation is recorded accurately and is easily monitored remotely. Three weather station configurations are highly customizable and are designed to be adaptable to the specific needs of a solar plant.

All three packages are high-quality weather stations that help plants identify how much the weather is impacting ideal optimization. Weather stations are, “Vital verification instruments that show if solar optimization problems are truly caused by the weather, or something else,” CWS President Nader Khoury explains.

The data these systems provides can be immediately streamed online and accessed anywhere via a CWS MicroServer. Integrating meteorological data parameters into plant management allows operators to adapt accordingly to current weather conditions. Every solar plant faces different challenges. Microclimates within a geographic location can differ dramatically, which is why on-site weather monitoring is critical.

Each configuration records solar radiation and has back panel temperature sensors—which record the temperature of the panels.

The Solar 1 system is an all-in-one electronic monitoring system that has no moving parts. A single sensor module measures wind speed and direction, temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, and precipitation. It is durable and requires little to no maintenance.

Solar 2 is a modular mechanical sensor where individual sensors record specific parameter and can be placed in a different position. Solar 2 offers wind speed and direction, temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, and rainfall. Three extra temperature sensors can be added to a Solar 2 package to provide ambient temperature readings around a solar plant.

Solar 3 is the most cost-effective, providing solar radiation and temperature with various sensor class options. 

No matter the need, there’s a weather station that can be customized to ensure solar optimization. 

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