“Finest Four” Colleges and Universities Advance to Final Round of Environmental March Madness Tournament


Source: Enviance, Inc.

Colorado State University, George Mason University, Ohio State University and University of Washington all Compete to Earn Title of “National Champion”

CARLSBAD, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Enviance, Inc., in partnership with GreenBiz Group and Qualtrics, today announced the “Finest Four” colleges and universities in the Second Annual Environmental March Madness tournament (#EnviroU). The four schools advanced to this round from the “Environmental Eight,” by impressing the panel of expert judges with their demonstrated excellence in environmental academics and sustainability practices, evident in the photos, essays and videos submitted by faculty and students. These schools are now competing to be named the “National Champion” on April 9.

The “Finest Four” are (alphabetically):

  • Colorado State University
  • George Mason University
  • Ohio State University
  • University of Washington

“Each of the schools advancing to the ‘Finest Four’ has a rock-solid academic curriculum for environmental/sustainability studies, and has demonstrated the ability to inspire a new generation of environmental professionals by combining their curriculum with innovative initiatives that capture the passion and imagination of their students, faculty and administrators,” said Lawrence Goldenhersh, CEO and president of Enviance, and a tournament judge. “From beehives to waste diversion to rain gardens, the student submittals – supported by faculty and staff – powerfully demonstrate that these institutions are priming their students to bring their ‘A game’ to the important task of solving the most pressing environmental and sustainability issues affecting our economy and society today. While the charge to the ‘National Champion’ title in the Environmental March Madness tournament is intense, the submissions make it clear the environmental programs these schools offer will make us all winners in the years to come.”

The Environmental March Madness tournament was designed to evaluate colleges and universities on environmental degree programs and curriculum, environmental opportunities for students, and campus sustainability efforts. To move on to the “Finest Four,” the “Environmental Eight” were evaluated on their initial survey, as well as the second round of supplementary essays, videos and photos submitted by students and faculty.

Survey data reveals winning sustainability habits from the “Finest Four”

While each school in the “Sustainable 16” has implemented on-campus sustainability initiatives, the “Finest Four” excelled in every category taken into consideration.

Sustainability highlights from the “Finest Four”:

  • Food— All four schools offer local food in their cafeterias and run on-campus gardening or farming programs.
  • Waste and water management— All have composting programs and established efforts for solid waste recycling and water recycling or conservation in place.
  • Transportation— Each of the four schools maintains a fleet of electric vehicles and two provide a bike share program.
  • Energy— The majority of finalists have solar thermal and/or solar panel installations as well as biomass energy facilities on campus and purchase renewable energy from local utilities.

Tournament prizes include a $5,000 grant for the winning school as well as one all-expenses-paid trip to San Diego for a faculty member to attend and speak at the Enviance User Conference, April 22-26, 2013. Additionally, two students from the “Finest Four” will also be awarded Google Nexus tablets.

For more information on the Environmental March Madness tournament, please email Enviance@schwartzmsl.com, or visit http://www.enviance.com/march-madness. You can also receive real-time updates on Twitter by following @enviance and #EnviroU.

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