First High Purity Water Master in front of the WQA task force


Source: Applied Water Solutions, Inc.

New England, January 21st 2010 - Chris Gallagher, founder and president of Applied Water Solutions, was awarded the first WQA High Purity Water Master degree, excelling a process of knowledge and experience verification in front of a panel of experts in the industry.

The WQA High Purity Certificate program is still in pilot test but is being designed for those who are seeking to expand their knowledge base using a ‘hands on’ approach to high purity water systems.  Central to this Cognitive Apprenticeship program is supervised, hands-on work experience with the Master showing (modeling) the Apprentice an acceptable way of doing the work of HPW technicians and having the Apprentice do such work under close supervision.  The HPW Master must pass and extensive interviewing process showing their capabilities, both theoretical and practical experience, to the Industrial Task force before becoming certified to work with an apprentice.

' I have been working with the WQA most of my career, and actively involved in the Cognitive Apprenticeship Program over the past few years. It is an honor to be named the first HPW Master by a group of my peers. I think the program is a great educational tool for those who are looking to be more knowledgeable in the field of high purity water. '- mentioned Chris Gallagher.

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