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First Hofstetter gas system in Indonesia for the Bantar Gebang landfill site, Jakarta


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Hindelbank -- Generating energy from landfill gas represents an important step for Indonesia in its quest to reduce its shortage of electricity by using existing and renewable sources of energy. This year, landfill site operator Navigat Organic Energy is building a complete degassing system for collecting gas at the existing landfill site in Bantar Gebang. Hofstetter was awarded the order to supply the key components required for degassing, measurement and monitoring of the gas parameters for the UNFCCC and supplying the biogas to the gas engines.

Generating electricity is not the only source of income at the landfill site. The project in Bantar Gebang will also trade the CO2 emission credits. The credits are generated by disposing the gas in an environmental compatible manner. The CDM project was approved by UNFCCC.

The landfill site in Bantar Gebang is a large operation which takes in around 7000 tons of waste every day. For the Hofstetter degassing system, that means an extraction capacity of 2 x 4000 Nm3/h. After cooling, the gas pressure is increased using blower stations and supplied to the gas engines under stable conditions. Any superfluous gas is burned in an environmentally-compatible manner in a high-temperature flare stack. The plant is equipped with control and monitoring elements which enable fully automatic operation. The stringent European ATEX Directives serve as a basis for ensuring the safe handling of landfill gas.

The CEO of Manunggal Energi Group Agus Santosa says: 'What impressed me most about Hofstetter was that their systems were subjected to a complete functional test at the site and that gave us a sense of security. As the operator of the landfill site, we are extremely interested in supplying electricity to the grid without interruption and continuously trading CO2 certificates and that is why ensuring the trouble-free operation of the plant is our top priority.'

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