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Flare Flowmeter Validates Calibration

Ideal For Refineries, PetroChemical Plants, Biogas, Offshore Platforms, Wellheads, Tank Farms, Fossil-Fuel Power Plants, Ship-to-Shore Offloading

FCI has enhanced its GF03 Flare Flowmeter with an industry exclusive new VeriCal™ in-situ calibration verification kit. This new kit is designed to meet emerging extensions to environmental agency regulations that will require installed calibration checks of flow instrumentation used in flare gas systems. The unique VeriCal Calibration Kit (patent pending) from Fluid Components International simplifies and expedites calibration verification of the GF03 flowmeter without system shutdown or removal of the meter from the process.

Validating flow meter calibration has always been a labor intensive, costly and less than ideal exercise because meters had to be pulled from the process and returned to the manufacturer or a calibration lab. In flare flow metering applications, with its large line sizes, regulatory agency specifications, and emissions reporting requirements, the downtime and costs are particularly extreme. “This new VeriCal option will save thousands in unnecessary de-installation/re-calibration costs and meet anticipated future regulations for in-situ calibration verification in flaring applications,” said Eric Wible, Director of Engineering at FCI.

The VeriCal option consists of special plumbing to the GF03 flow sensor element, a flow regulator and all connections, a canister of inert calibration gas and a detailed calibration bench-mark report. With the GF03 still installed in the process, a plant technician can connect to VeriCal in minutes. The technician sends the calibration gases and tracks the GF03 actual performance in comparison to the original factory calibration records.

The GF03 Flare Flowmeter equipped with VeriCal is a single-sensing element, single-insertion point that meets the accuracy, range and resolution required by the most stringent air pollution regulations at total installed costs of up to 50% less than alternative technologies.

Other flare flow sensing technologies, such as orifice plates and Venturi tubes, do not meet today’s flare emission reporting regulations, are difficult to install, prone to excessive maintenance and have no simple technique for in-situ calibration validation. Special time-of-flight Ultrasonic products require up to four sensor insertion points (two flow sensors plus a pressure transmitter and a temperature sensor) most often in a cumbersome and costly spool-piece design.

Highly precise and dependable, the VeriCal-equipped GF03 Flare Flowmeter meets or exceeds regulatory agency specifications for +5% accuracy, repeatability of +0.5% of reading and a wide flow range from 0.50 to 275 SFPS. Its performance and programmable outputs mean it is equally effective for reading and reporting both low flows, such as those occurring during a leak, as well as the high flow rates in a major flaring event.

Designed for tough plant environments, the VeriCal-equipped GF03’s sensor element operates in temperatures from –40 to 350 degrees F (-40 to 177 degrees C), pressures to 100 psig (1000 psig upset) and meets FM Class 1, Div 1, Groups B, C and D requirements. Pipe connections include male NPT, ANSI flange, low and medium pressure packing glands and hot tap.

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