Floating Farms in the Future – Water Storage Tanks Would Play a Role



A lot of things might sound far fetched at first, but in no time at all they find themselves being implemented and being totally the norm. Could that be the case with the floating farms we read about in this week’s Daily Mail? A team from Barcelona has designed floating farms that could feed the world in forthcoming decades. Multi-levelled structures would be used to, not only catch fish, but with solar panels on the roof, would harness sunlight, whilst at the same time growing crops.

Dubbed the ‘Smart Floating Farm’, the concept features a bottom layer that will see workers catching fish, along with a storage and packaging area. A second floor will focus on growing crops, utilising hydroponics i.e. a method of growing plants without the need for soil. Water will mainly be derived from desalination units and stored in plastic water tanks and the designers believe that this system could produce 8.15 million kilos of vegetables each year. The top level of the floating farm would feature solar panels to power fans and tools.

With more and more unbelievable technology eventually finding its way into farming, from drones, to satellite precision farming and automated machinery, who knows? Watch this space! However, for the latest rainwater harvesting solutions and the very best vertical and horizontal storage tanks, you can rely on Enduramaxx!

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