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Flow logging upgrade for landfill gas analysers


Source: QED Environmental Systems Ltd.

Recent developments to the GA5000 portable landfill and contaminated land gas analyser from  Geotech mean users can now benefit from flow logging and gas analysis in one device.

Geotech is committed to understanding the applications of its customers and the legislation they need to comply with. As such, Geotech undertook research in order to assess the suitability of the GA5000’s existing internal flow option for the contaminated land and landfill markets. The results of the research, now implemented within the GA5000, will prove beneficial for many consultants, councils and landfill operators carrying out flow monitoring on sites with low levels of flow, particularly where Phase II geo-environmental assessments and day-to-day monitoring are essential.

Users can now easily assess whether the borehole being monitoring has depressurised and that a stable measurement of flow has been taken, and the results can be used to validate user procedure and findings. Errors due to measurement of higher flow rates generated by pressure within the borehole are now removed with the new flow logging feature.

Existing users of the GA5000 with the internal flow option added can access this new flow monitoring method immediately by using the free remote firmware update facility from  the Geotech website. All new Geotech GA5000s where internal flow has been chosen will have the feature automatically.

The new flow logging option facilitates faster site assessment and remediation prior to reuse of contaminated land, further enhancing the widely used ATEX, MCERTS and CIRIA compliant GA5000 portable gas analyser.

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