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Flownetix announces expansion of 300series® product range with heatmeter version


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Flownetix is pleased to announce today the launch of a range of energy meters based on the company’s range of 300series Consumer Water Meters. Using Flownetix’s expertise in low power instrumentation, the 300series meters have been combined with a pair of internal PT100 temperature sensors to produce a range of hot and cold energy meters. Called the 300E series, these meters are unique in that they combine a high performance non-moving part flow measuring system with temperature probes to give a stand-alone energy meter running from its own internal battery supply for 10 years.

Ideal for use by district heating and cooling utilities and landlords providing their tenants with heating or cooling, the 300E products have kWh display and the internal 300series data bus allows the download of information such as peak energy rate, peak flow rate, temperature data and much more. With no moving parts to clog or jam, these meters offer reliability, accuracy, intelligence and low cost of ownership never before achievable.

The Flownetix 300E products will be available in all the sizes of the 300series, from 15mm to 50mm, and in two types. The 300EH products are set for use as traditional heatmeters, the 300EC are configured for use on cooling systems.

The Flownetix 300E series will be available from August 2007.

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