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Fluidized Bed Mixer Ultra-Fast, Gentle

Source: Munson Machinery Company, Inc.

UTICA, NY -- A new 5 cu ft (142 liter) capacity Fluidized Bed Mixer model MF-5-SS from Munson Machinery, gently mixes low- to medium-density bulk materials, including liquid additions, in 10 seconds to two minutes, with 30 seconds typical.

Unlike ribbon, paddle and plow blenders with a single shaft turning agitator blades slowly within a U-shaped trough, this specialized machine has two counter-rotating shafts turning paddle agitators rapidly within two, parallel U-shaped troughs.

Flat, angular paddles with overlapping paths sweep material from the troughs toward the center and upward, causing it to become airborne in a 'fluidized zone' above the longitudinal centerline of the mixing chamber, where discreet particles of batch ingredients readily intersperse, regardless of disparities in particle size, shape or bulk density.

High- or low-viscosity liquids sprayed into the fluidized zone disperse readily throughout the batch, allowing liquids to be added in relatively high ratios while maintaining free-flowing characteristics of the batch.

The mixing action is said to minimize shear, which together with short mixing times, reduces product degradation.

The mixer discharges rapidly through full-length, drop-bottom gates, and evacuates a greater percentage of material than conventional agitated machines, reducing the need to manually remove, and waste, residual material between product changeovers.

Recommended uses include mixing of low- to medium-density materials ≤ 50 lbs/ft3 (≤ 800 kg/m3) ranging from powders to fragile flakes, with or without liquid additions, in applications requiring short cycle times and gentle product handling.

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